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We value your time and truly appreciate you coming to learn more about us and our mission. To say thanks, here is your link to a free E-Book on the basics to essential oils. We aim to be your trusted source for bringing quality, natural products into your military or veteran home. Trust takes time though, so we hope to see you around!

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Who we are and why we do this

Hi! We are Justin and Danyel, a husband and wife team who have gone through the struggles and learned the lessons of life in the military, the transition to back civilian life, the frustrations of working with 'veteran oriented' government agencies, education, and how alone you can feel when transitioning from the military. Healthy living has been a big part of our transition because of how we've found it can affect mental health and our lifestyle. We want to share all of that with you so you aren't feeling left out in the cold like we did. Transition is tougher for some than it is for others. 

If you want to hear more about our whole story, you know where to click.

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Balanced Transition or Build from Home 

Transitioning out of the military is such a huge event. Most look forward to the day. A small percentage even count down. No, who am I kidding. Most of the people getting out probably count down out of excitement to get back home and try something new or continue their career as a civilian. But the military spends months turning civilians into troops, then spends years enforcing it, but only a matter of days for the transition back to normal life. We want to create a number of ways to ease that transition. 

If you want to create an income to help you along the way, then we can help you start your own business as we have. But if that's not for you, we also want to help in other ways, like resume guidance, mental health awareness (not via powerpoints either!), fitness, dieting, etc.....

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Essential Oils

We have found Essential Oils to be a staple in our post-military life. So much so, that we both wish we had known about them while we were still involved in the active duty lifestyle. Our living has changed so much that in most cases, whenever a guest preferred something from our medicine cabinet, those things were expired since we have used essential oils so broadly. There's a reason we can usually say, "there's an oil for that." 

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